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A wave of Vintage R/C is upon us. Nothing is as symbolic as Tamiya and their first foray into the world of Nitro Trucks. Groundbreaking at the time and still ahead in many ways in the year 2023. I’ve created this site to document and accumulate information that used to be around the web on this amazing model to help existing and new vintage owners use, explore, fix and keep alive an amazing part of Tamiyas history!

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About Terra-Crusher.com

I'm just a guy but need your help!

It’s 2023, 21 years after the Terra Crusher, TGM02 #43501 was unleashed on the world. 

I want to create the ultimate resource for this exceptional vintage model. Where owners can share knowledge, parts, modifications, upgrades and chat all things TC.

I need your input, I need your help. I own 1 solitary Terra Crusher since new and I will do all I can to document all about this amazing model.

However, old forums have gone, tips, tricks, tweaks have all disappeared into the ether, so I am calling on you all, lets make this the most loved vintage truck, of all time!

Take a look at the current info we have..

We’ve got to start somewhere and this is it. What I’ve done so far.

Parts Lists

With full Exploded Diagram!

Terra Crusher Manual Page 1


Scaled to 4K Resolution!

Tamiya Terra crushing since 2002!