Terra Crusher

The History and Life of the Terra Crusher

July 2002, Terra Crusher entered the market. TGM-02 Part number #43501 was launched, ready to take on the Traxxas T-Maxx.

Firstly available as a blue body truck, #43502 was released not long after with a red body. The underpinnings were the same.

Terra Crusher was built from scratch. A totally new design, it features dual shocks, chunky tires, integrated starter motor and a fully automatic 2 speed forward and revers transmission, a worlds first.

The T-Maxx at the time had a manual reverse select, you had to brake the truck to a stop, select reverse on the 3rd Channel and then when engaged you could reverse. Ingenious but not as smart as the Terra Crusher. The transmission on the TC was designed to be operated by a 2 channel radio transmitter, this meant you could brake and then put the truck into reverse incredibly quickly, no need to think about a 3rd channel, you could drive the truck almost like an Electric. It’s still exceptional to this day.

The Terra Crushers main complaint was the engine, a .18 with a race tuned pipe. Unfortunately this wasn’t deemed man enough and meant owners of the time looked for ways to improve the speed. Of course if speed wasn’t the be all and end all, the .18 was adequate, the second known issue with that engine in terms of it’s initial out of the box freshness, it only had a high speed needle on the carburettor, which meant tuning and running it was quite a fiddly task.

To combat those issues, either lighter tyres or an engine swap was order of the day. Again though, if you were after some general bashing goodness and not headed to the races, it was fantastic.

Putting those issues aside, the Terra Crusher is an immensely well built, well spec’d and of incredible quality. Blue Anodised chassis plate, twin chassis rails, 8 oil filled shock absorbers. The Steering servo that would typically be used in a 1/5th Scale (Terra Crusher is a 1/8th Scale) meant turning was always effortless, the truck is incredibly balanced meaning you wouldn’t tip the thing over sharply turning and jumps it would float through the air with composure. 

The  original promo video included a shot of the Terra Crusher pulling a Ford Ka and an office worker on their chair, impressive stuff from a mighty truck.

I am going to include individual pages for each aspect of the truck to go into more detail, please keep checking back.